About Us

About Us

Maimoon Papers is a dedicated and innovative company that has highly qualified and certified professionals in manufacturing high end paper products such as paper cups, paper containers, paper bags, sandwich wraps, paper squeezers and ice cream cups,. The company was founded in United Arab Emirates in 2015, by professionals who possess detailed appreciation of paper conversion and paper supply. Our Determination, Dedication and Discipline (3 Ds) has enabled our company to soar higher through the exploits of our seasoned team of professionals that constantly strive to provide high value and varied paper products that are custom designed for every type of business. The company works in line with ISO 9001:2015 standards which guide organisations and capacitate them to consistently provide products and services that meet not only customer, but also applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


Maimoon papers is committed to continuously set standards of excellence while seeking constant growth by achieving a sustainable competitive share in the international marketplace of flexible and food packaging. It is our intent to develop quality partnerships with our employees, customers, suppliers and the community in which we operate.


To serve the market by pioneering, developing and sustaining, reliable, affordable and high quality paper cup solutions that conform to world class standards and ethics – achieving this through a sound business model that is mutually beneficial to our clients, staff, investors and the wider community.

Our Strategy

Our company strategy has enhanced us to achieve tremendous growth since the year 2015 when the company was founded. On top of that:

  • We aesthetically brand various products we have on offer - we make use of logos, company or individual preferred colours, preferred designs, giving us a competitive edge in the market.
  • We have strategic alliances with key stakeholders who help us realise sustained growth
  • We offer a unique customer experience that enables customer retention

We are customer focused and aim to deliver their expectations through Determination, Dedication and Discipline. Our friendly sales professionals ensure exceptional customer services by making sure that each client’s needs are met and delivered on time. They possess in depth knowledge in paper production and operate solely in bringing creative custom design products for clients as a result our management strategies have created good relationships with our clients. Sourcing our resources from international suppliers, we now have a mutual relationship with all our suppliers – this has gained the company an advantage of low cost prices for the raw materials. Our customers will then also afford to purchase our products at an affordable price as compared to the rest of the market. We also offer special incentives to our full package customers.

Why choose us

At Maimoon papers we hold a remarkable reputation of exceptional customer satisfaction, constantly striving to provide a high value range of paper products. A highly qualified professional team which possess in-depth knowledge and relevant skills in customer design and branding, works tirelessly to deliver exceptional experience designs. We regularly interact with both new and loyal customers maintaining strong and positive relationships, as we are experts in delivering what we promise.

  • We offer customable sizes and styles for every occasion.
  • The business is experiencing a tremendous period of growth resulting from the amusing custom design services provided to our clients.
  • An imaginative mind, efficient members of staff and the zeal to be distinctive, make us excel in producing various designs as per customer request and even exceeding their expectations.
  • Our human capital is creative, analytical and holds outstanding technical and branding skills that have earned the company a competitive edge and indisputable trust from their consumers.
  • We offer supreme innovative technology and machinery which streamline the production process and provide aesthetic custom design for the customer.
  • A local state of the art factory and warehouse, ensuring best equipment and inventory system and also that goods are kept in condition.
  • We are thoughtful of customer feeling and experience of our brand therefore, we are a dependable supplier that ethically source our materials, and all business procedures are certified.
  • Outstanding attributes that make the company unique and also provide a sophisticated touch in our paper products, these are Determination, Dedication and Discipline.
  • The safety and health of our consumers is of paramount importance, we make use of environmental friendly material from ecological sources.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

At Maimoon papers we are committed to integrity and providing exceptional customer experience to our various stakeholders. Our diversified and energetic workforce offers a creative and innovative experience that yields astonishing custom design paper products. We are committed to going an extra mile in productivity, aiming to please our customers by delivering custom made products that suit their required designs for every occasion. Thus, adhering to the UAE Federal Law (24) of 2006, which has been supplemented by an Executive regulation of 2007 stating that the price and the specification of a product must meet with the value and performance of goods. It is our obligation to perform at a high level of professionalism, adding more passion to our job and strive to efficiently create new products, services and processes that enhance customer satisfaction. We aim to align our products with the international standards as set by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) which encourages member states to provide consumer protection in the provision of public and private goods services.

Our products are made of local and imported raw materials which are then processed at the factory and delivered to our respective clients. We deliver our products just in time and we are not prone to delays in transportation, custom clearance and damage. At Maimoon we have a mutual relationship with our customers, we understand their needs, not only do our customers understand our business dynamics, they also understand our dedication to deliver high quality paper products for their special occasions. Our specialty is to Custom Design the products with an outstanding refined touch that surpasses customer expectations. The factory has supreme innovative technology and machineries, our professional team has industrial and technical expertise that enhances delivery of quality products to our customers.